Luna's Cutie Mark

Luna's Cutie Mark

"This is how i helped Luna get her cutie mark, and would explain why my hair is so... colorful.


Celestia in her teenage years, her hair was pink back then and she earned her cutie mark when she realized she had the ability to fly, and since she has magic why not use both? after realizing she can raise the sun she got her cutie mark, years later when Luna had a more powerful skill to raise the moon Celestia's hair got more sun set colored, this must be cause she has gotten more magical and thus more powerful.

"Hello ponies (or humans) i am Celestia, if you would like to know more about me and my future go here:


Yes, even a princess has to have some weakness and there not bad, just.. a bit of a habit.

Celestia just like us S2E23

"Here's one of them, i had this huge habit of eating cake before a real meal, my mother always tried to hide the dessert knowing i might get um, pudgy if i kept my eating like that, what would you do if you didn't eat cake for 1,000 years?.. exactly... and how embarrassing.."

                                                             Pets: "Yes i have a pet, she is a beautiful Phoenix. 

My expressions: "Don't you think my face's can be a bit silly? here's an example:   

Princess Celestia ok...awkward S2E9

"Um, kissing my royal hooves must mean your a fan, or are not acting properly... what go's on on in Ponyville i'll never know.

Philomena returns back to Celestia S01E22

"Me and my bird, her claws aren't so sharp, if they where wouldn't i say 'ouch?