Here's, Wreatha, she is a gender bending pony version of, Caesar.

Another Gending bending pony get ready...Edit

Caesar S1E26

Here is who she is based on.

Yep, i did it again, isn't it so wonderful to gender bend and let you're mind imagine??Edit

so here's the info on are little miss, she was very successful in her youth, when she was younger she was good at almost anything that her cutie mark appeared just like that, yep, but here was the thing first, she couldn't see in one eye, so she was kinda blurry eyed, when she went to see the eye Doc, he told her that she had to wear a monocle, (more info on it here:, she was kinda worried that she would get made fun of, cause usually the older stallions wore them but after she put it on for the first time she could see out of that one eye, when she walked out, of course ponies started snickering, but she stuck her nose in the air with pride.. and later she did sniffle in sadness,.. but the next day she was helpful cause there was this old lady pony and she couldn't see where she was going, (she wasn't blind, just losing her vision), and Wreath suggested the glass's shop where she got her fancy eye wear, so she decides to help, and before you knew it, she was glad she had the monocle, she was also helping other ponies as well, and then her cutie mark was there at last, meaning she is sucsessful in anything she set's her mind to, so if your pony needs help on finding something and you see her in town (or Canterlot is where she's mostly seen), then ask for help in looking for something, & she will do her very best best.