Here's Wild Drupe, unlike her mom (yep i'm making it official) she does have red hair, but with.. i guess hot-pink highlights, her eye's are a.. lime i guess or neon green, and instead of a beauty mark like her mother she has freckles, she's also a darker yellow then her mom.

Wild Drupe is a female earth pony with the same but different cutie mark as Cherry JubileeEdit

The difference is that unlike Cherry Jub. her cutie mark of a Cherry has no leaf, and unlike Cherry Jub. whos two Cherries have different shades of red, Drupe's is the same matching shade of red. 

On the side is an example you can compare yourself of the cutie marksEdit

Cherry Jubilee explaining how well Applejack performed S2E14
Alright i can see in my folder that there's another Cherry cutie mark from the happy studio, so i might make another sibling later when i run into it, ok about Cherry Jub. being a mom,... it was never stated cause her and Wild D. had a fight when she was a teen, thus causing W.D. to run away from home, Cherry Jub. was too mad to care, and as the years went by she didn't seem to care about it untill she found an old photo from when she was a filly,.. and started to tear up... she wondered what happened to her son... (yeah that sounds about right, for future makings) so she finds, him, go's to his house up on Cherries Hills, and asked about her, he said that he hasn't said a word about her cause it was a promise to keep, Cherry Jub. was shocked to hear this now, "what?.. how could you keep this from me??" he said that it was cause she was too proud to even think about it, it seemd like she didn't care where her daughter went, "Well, i... i... I DO NOW!..." she starts sobbing... "Woah mom, calm down.. i can tell you now, remember Ponyville?" she said, "Um... n-n-no..... i had a pony working for me from there but.." "Well." he said, "that's where she always wanted to go, i bet if you took her picture and asked around there you might find her." "Oh, sweetie, have i been a terrible mom?" "Well, on that day..." he said, "yes, but now your a good mother for actually having feelings about it, and wanting to go find her, thats really nice mom." "Oh.. my little Cherry pie..." "Mom..." he said in an embarrassed tone, "Sorry honey,.." she sighed and said, "i'll be back in a few hours or so, don't wait up..." he looked around and thought, then said, "I'll do these cherry jams later, i wanna help." "Oh goody, i'll just pack a few things and meet you at the train station!" at the station she did pack a little more then she said, but Cherry Jub. and her son (can't think of his name yet) smiled and boarded the train to Ponyville.