Tinker Bell

Tinker Bell

I love how the cutie mark's remind me of such non Hasbro things, don't you? anyway the cutie mark made me think... or "Tink" of Tinker Bell, and it really is Bell cause that's the sound she makes when she talks, all though Belle is nice to, but thats the princess Belle.


Tinker Fix is as you can see, a Flutter fairy pony, she got her cutie mark when she noticed she loves to fix things, when her brother broke one of his favorite toy's she had an idea, she went to her father's work shop and read instructions on how to fix toys, it took her about 13 minutes to read the 4 steps, after that, she fixed it and told her brother, he was excited and flew and glomped her spinning her around as well, and her cutie mark sparkled and appeared.

I love how Tinker Bell had that lighter blonde hair, was very cute:Edit

As you can see my pony version has golden, or what ever yellow hair, and deep blue eye's, and green fairy wings, and a little skirt (or cape) and shoes, there was no way i could put white on them i don't know why. -_-

History of are little Flutter fairy:Edit

as you read above of how she earned her cutie mark was cool, but whats even better is she isn't the only Flutter pony, thats right there's a whole city in a special place (i'll think of something maybe later) why? cause i made a princess Flutter Fairy, ok so there wings are the same look, guess i needed to find wings so you can see her cutie mark, but then i thought, what if they where sisters?!, cool right? of course, if i get to her in my section of folder (i like to go organized) i'll think of a back story ok?, right onward!, there are gem miner Flutters, (you know the Disney fairy skill thing.) but there are water collector's, Hairdoer's, um, outfit do-er's, and there's a special place where they can get clean, there wing's are ok getting wet unlike the Disney Fairies.