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This is the G1 original

Baby surprise cartoon

This is her original hair color, the one above must mean Lauren F. had another version video and the picture must have made it look like she had blonde hair or something..

As you can imagine (or i did): Edit

she's Pinkie's doppelgänger if you don't know what that is here's a link for more help:änger So now that you know what it is why is Surprise here? well she's kinda Pinkie's twin sister (that's what she call's her) but one time Pinkie found a chamber in Celestia's castle, and there was a mirror (you know from the up coming movie as an example) but then there was another one, it wasn't like the one in the movie that has stairs or what ever, it hangs on a lower part of the wall, when Pinkie poked her head in it, the reflection moved like water and in it was a 'Parallel ponyville, all the ponies like you know look like there original's. (see 1st video below for example) 'Check out this Gallery and find Pinkie and her to find out what they did in that crazy world.'

the vid show's an old G4 episode, just like the girls they had the same adventure's but at a different time but same places but different looks.                    What's weird is that when i watched the old stuff for the first time on Youtube (not first movie or episode) for the first time it showed that she had an Alicorn look when she was flying. 

My Little Pony Friendship is Magic with G1 Ponies-0

My Little Pony Friendship is Magic with G1 Ponies-0

Kinda like this exactly.

256621 UNOPT safe g1 alicorn surprise animation-error error 50e10363a4c72d0683000816.png

See, i thought this was the very first Alicorn, but thing is, that it was a video error, isn't that weird how one error can inspire Lauren to think of Alicorn's today in the G4 style??... just a thought.

Surprise - The grand galloping gala is tonight-0

Surprise - The grand galloping gala is tonight-0

This was supposed to be Pinkie's look, but it was already taken...


Why is her mane green? well i chose the coloring of the original Surprise, plus her hair like Pinkie's cause... there both crazy, and can give a good prank.