This is the G1... guess i got her mane color from this image, i love it better then the lighter pink the cartoon has.. still i bet you can guess who she reminds you of.. ;)

My Little Pony Song "How Does My Garden Grow?"-0

My Little Pony Song "How Does My Garden Grow?"-0

Posey is a beautiful earth pony who loves flowers.Edit

She also lives in the Parallell universe of Ponyville, unlike G4 FlutterShy, she takes care of flowers and loves it more then anypony, is concerned how ever if anypony might walk into her garden with out her permission, they might trample her flowers or anyplant, like Fluttershy though, she can deal with the tough plant's if they are stubborn, and will go to any length's to make them better, an example of one is she had to deal (or 2 examples) was she had to deal with an evil venus plant eater trap which almost ate her up, she poked it with a garden hoe, and it gooed out and died... she then said, "Dealing with these thing's are a pain, but i'm glad i fixed it.." *notices her bow covered with goo, and tries to fix it* another example is a pony over grew there plant's and it literally was like a jungle, she took all her planting equipment, and started to fix it, when she came back out she glared at the pony and said, "You don't know anything about planting.... maybe i should help..." 

she has a hard time communicating with ponies and the reason's are: (ridiculous as they may be)

1. Nopony knows how to take care of a plant garden like she does.

2. Nopony thinks where there stepping, so i have to start all over!

3. they never ask for help anyway. -_-

Well either way she has the skills of the G1 version, but the communicating part she has to think about.

and Fluttershy will teach her, when she come's through the mirror. ;)

Posey cartoon

This is her very i guess first appearance in the movie, unlike the other singing cartoon (which was her later voice) this one she had a charming British accent, guess they where popular for Pony movies, or shows. :)


Here's the G4, style, i know the bow's on her head ( there was no tail option) and i did my best with her color.