This is the Anti-Pinkie Pie, the differences between the two is that this one has dark shades of her normal color's plus her hair is the same as when she was a filly, & her green eyes, but has the same cutie mark as her.

This wiki is about the parallell universe Pinkie Pie. Pinkamena's personality: "Pinkie Pie, who banished fear by giggling in the face of danger, represents the spirit of LAUGHTER." she is the opposite, instead of laughing away fear, she brings fear to those who like laughing or what ever made the laughter, another example is she is the saddest pony around, you know how the original go's cooo coo in that one episode? well when she get's happy her color's are a a lighter color as in the shades of the G3 version, and her eye's are lighter, and she grins, (her hair stays the same though) this kinda scared some of the other ponies.. and some get questioning faces, or fearing face's.

Skills: she can make the most boring party ever, and her anti, song is Frown, frown, frown, its sung the same way but opposite, Baking, oh yeah she can bake.. but it's more like burnt, or takes something out too soon and it's gloppy, or... she added different ingredients... don't ask what they are. O.o

she has no ice-skating skills. pursuit... she likes to ignore, you know the Pinkie Sense?, she has this but it's rarely shown, and thus some pony will get hurt (in a comic relief way) and it's called Mena anti-senses. (so watch out and be very careful) and about her memory.. she doesn't remember much... even if you ask she'll say in a boared way, "I don't remember or care... see that pony?, i don't remember them even being my neighbor... ¬.¬ ... oh wait.. it's been a few hours.. i think my sweet's are burnted.. bye.

'Her cutie mark, yeah i know it's the same as the original.. she knows how to throw parties, but that's just it, nopony said there interesting.. so her cutie is kinda a reminder she can throw parties, just not interesting ones, and her face kinda say's it all. When Pinkie runs into her she is shocked at how anti she is.. she jaw drops for a little while... knowing that no matter how much she wants her to act like her, "I can't change her" says Pinkie... "she's just not, me.. she's the opposite.' (walks off with a sad face) v_v