Green Beryl as she appears, she's a gender bending version of, Green Gem, a stallion pegasus.

First off, unlike Green Gem, she is an earth pony (they could or could not be twin's, i guess it depends if that's more interesting). Edit

So anyway here's the basic info on this beautyEdit

Green Gem1

Here's who she's gender bended from.

Unlike her counterpart, she is a great expert on gem's, she works in a mine and give's new beryl (aka gems), names, and will store or sell them, so far Rarity, and Amethyst Shine (who i will reveal later), are the only one's who have bought gem's from GB (that's what the staff members that work with her or for her call her), so anyway, like the gem itself, she's very tough, when it comes to work, or when it come's to digging in a right spot, if she see's a very weak soil on the wall she'll hurry to that area and ask the pony (or stallion), to stop working on that spot, & if they don't listen she drag's them away from that spot and kinda yell's at them for not being smart, but she promised her father that if she kept her cool & tried to get along (no matter what), & if she failed in her promise she'd dress up fancy and wear gem's that the miners dig up, so who's doing that instead?, well it's either her mother Crystal Clear, or they use the gems to take to a factory to make something or put them on something, so instead of doing what her mother's doing she made a deal to avoid that, to mine the gems in order for her mother to wear the gems she needs for her fashion's, she is a gem model after all no matter if there on accessories or outfits.