You know who this isEdit

are Favorite Derpy, or the other name as the title above!

Most appearances of Derpy Hooves-0

Most appearances of Derpy Hooves-0

"Can you find me?, i'm the most easily spotted of them all, and forever! (You can slow it down in the settings in the video to spot me more).

MLP FiM Derpy Hooves talks S2 EP14 1080p HD-0

MLP FiM Derpy Hooves talks S2 EP14 1080p HD-0

"Here i am trying to Help Rainbow D. fix up this building, i like holes, and... *counts hooves* 4 muffins! ;D

Reason for doing a different hair style, Edit

I've seen other ponies with the same style, and since she stands out why not give her a different do?,

Since her name states as being Ditzy silly or scattered brain call her either way, her cutie mark says it all, sure she's not the smartest, but who has to be to make fans like yourself smile and just wonder... what she's up to. i did find her one time in my App game, she was hiding in a box, like her usual appearance, she come's and go's as she randomly please's, it's just the Derpy way, now about Dinky, ok i don't really think she's her daughter, i think that was fan made up, yes i said that. so... what ever you guy's think, they where never made to be mother and daughter, who ever thought this was creative... or something else, sure they both have a blonde mane and tail, and yellow eyes, but 

there di.. well Mr. and Miss Cake did have a pegasus and unicorn, so i guess... well i dunno the point is i don't believe it. 


Ditzy with her new hair doo LOL her coat i agree is a bit darker then her normal coloring... least i tried, i do love her...