Deciduous flying away.

Name meaningEdit


When she was a little older she did get some flying clumsy moments, she got her cutie mark after realizing that she couldn't see very well, and on accident she walked into a pile of grapes in a barrel that was about to be served when it was all mushed and some of it landed on bread, her parents friends liked the taste and after her dad walked her over away from the barrel and asked why she was walking funny, she explained that her vision is a little blurry, her father then went and grabbed the glasses that his dad accidently gave him for his birthday (not realizing it), and gave it to her, she was surprised that her vision was so well, that she saw her cutie mark sparkle, meaning that her talent relates to grapes. "So, because of a little accident, that's what i'm good at." she said in a confused tone, her father said, "Sure. he said with a little smile. her mother came over and said, "See my cutie mark?", yeah she said tilting her head 'It's uh, a grapevine?' "mm-hmm,' her mother said in a pleased look, see, i discovered these tiny seeds, and my mother told me to go out in the woods and find any seed i wanted, i didn't know it at first, but after they grew everypony in town was a bit mad cause they where expecting something else, but i told them that they should try it before they complain any further, of course they where green and sour at first, but my cutie mark sparkled and on it had purple grape's on beautiful vines, you know what that means?" "uh," Deciduous said in a confused way. "Not really.' 'it means." Vitis said,, That i grew something new and it was different, but at least everypony tried it, like they gave me a chance to prove to them that i found something new and yummy and enjoyable. 

Family members:


Yellow-grapes, Adoptive sister, 


Berry-Punch 2nd adoptive sis, fraternal sister to Yellow Grape's. 


Golden-grape: fraternal bro. (he wasn't expected till a few day's later, and wanted to copy his sister so that he could get attention like she did). and he liked his talent. 


Grape Soda: sister to Vitis, and aunt to the sibling's. (wlill change her mane, and give a cutie mark to match). 

since she was a single child, the parents decided to adopt, when they arrived, there where two ponies with the same idea for grapes, Berry invented it as a drink, (not just for eating), the idea came after Vitus discovered the seeds years before Berry was born before the seeds where noticed, the other invented it for mixing it with other fruit's or veggies, you know when Apple Bloom and Apple Jack there playing in the grape barrel area at the sister race?, it was the Juice (the ponies above) families idea for that fair, then lent there best grapes and asked if the Apple family would like to try it out (with an explanation it was all set).