Here's Comet Feather as she appears.

150px-Comet Tail S2E15

Here's who she's gender bended from.

 So as you can see from the pictures there each different hues, & different gender roles, 

When she was a filly at night she was curious about what was flying in the sky, it was very bright & looked like a star, when she used her magic (a spell for seeing things more clearer), she seemed to have accidentally made the thing in the sky more clearer, when one pony walked by they gasped, & he asked her what it was, thee idea came to her in a matter of seconds, "a comet." (named after herself for discovering it). the pony raised there eyebrows & she looked at them & then said, "Well what would you call it?" no answer but her cutie mark sparkled, she wondered what it meant, the stallion said, well, since you've discovered such a thing in the sky, & you named it after yourself, it seems suitable.