FANDOM Sister to,

They are siblings, (least in my story), and Rose love's her sister dearly and would do anything for her, one day she asked Rosebud if she could help with all her growing food, she said, "Are you sure?, i heard you usually grow flowers, typically roses, so do you think you can handel food growing?", "Sure sis.'' Rose says as she elbow nudges her sister on her shoulder while winking. in a few weeks most of her growing food isn't attended and Rosebud is a bit ticked, she goes to her sister's house (with her mad face still up), when Rose opens the door Rosebud says, "Have you even noticed my garden?' Rose says in a worried look, "Um, i think i have have been looking after my garden mostly, and it must of skipped my mind?'; (she smiled an innocent smile). Rosebud sighed and said, "You promised.'  (mad face still up), "Oh, Sorry sis." Rose gives her a hug, "Rosebud pushes her a way a little and says, "Hugging me won't grow my food back, Miss cake needs them for her cakes and other sweets, either you fix this or you don't make, 'promises', that you can't keep or handel.' Rose hates to see her sister upset, her bond with her is some what close, (if you know Rosebud's back ground you'll know why). "I'm really, sorry, look i'll tend your garden till there all better, and tell you what, i'll take them to Sugar Cube Corner for you, and the rest of the time, you relax, deal?" Rosebud thought about it, then said, "Rosie, your super nice, i know you mean well, and  tell 'you' what if you bring them over to Sugar cube corner, (i'll walk with you) i'll take them, and you can give me what i need for the baking, deal?'  "Deal!' Rose said, and it was settled, Rosebud told Twilight this was the perfect letter for Celestia and she couldn't agree more. ^_^

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