• ​Here i'll again list the thing's about this pony, and i'll do more things as i type this up.

Golden Harvest's cousin, & unicorn counter part.

Golden Harvest ID S1E10

here's her cousin as she appears.

Golden Harvest with green mane S01E06

Here she again appears after dying her hair after coming back from a harvest family showdown and supporting Carrot Bottom by dying her hair, (later being accidently insulted by Rarity, & i quote, "Well, i never., being that said it was either her natural hair color being insulted or, the fact that she was insulted due to her support for Carrot Bottom. (either way i suppose..)

So like Golden Harvest they both decided to join the family harvest show down, after sneaking in to one of the show down's or contest's (as fillies), they both found spots to start harvesting, there cutie marks mean that, CB only tried to dig out one carrot, at a time, and CT dug out 3 time's as fast, but earning there cutie mark's as a sign, as in they dug out fresh one's, not too early one's (it was lucky timing). they where both quoted as being like 
doppelgänger's, & they both hugged each other in agreement and excitement. so due to the fact that there related & not sister's (or twin's, or, fraternal twins), they do support each other by dying there hair like the other (as if to look like fraternal twins & a sign that they do like the other's mane color like saying that they may have opposite color of manes or coats, but they still love & support each other & love that there one of a kind even though there different race's of ponies).