This is the idea that i'm creating from G3 style,... for the original G1 see: (if you ask me all the generation's are cute)


Here she is in the G4 style, i know she has AJ's hair but, (well not really) that's the parallel universe part.

If you don't like the G3 version, that's ok i don't expect you to, just to show you i have creativity and i'm showing off my creationsEdit

Note in the link in the picture that is indeed her name in the original (if you didn't know) Lauren F. did create the now, creation from the original... either way i love them all.. 4 Apple Jacks, 4 times the... "Yee-ha?" XD.... well number 5 is the cereal.. imagine... x) 

Now here's a little history about the Parallel AJ....1. her names Jackie, not Jack that's an example, 2. she looks like her G3 counter part.... with the original G4 AJ's hair style 3... just no hat, 4. no brother either... O.o 5. no sister...6... ok basically she has no family members... D: (sad audience sound) yeah i know... but hello? its the opposite world of Ponyville...and she likes to... oh and.. there is a slight difference in hair style between the two... Applejack_S01E13_cropped.png

just compare the photo's... cause if i upload a photo already i will want it in a certain spot and dragging it might make me lose a photo... i just don't want the frustration... anyway about her baking skills, like the G3.. and since her not being like the G4 AJ... she's gonna i guess have the same thing's as the G3: anyway if that isn't creative i don't know what else to do, as soon as i'm done with the parallel versions... which is right after this one as i can see in my folder then i will think of something. :D